Throughout the last seven years, I’ve provided a range of consulting and legal services for federal contractors. These have included:

Solving Disputes

Initiated, litigated and resolved contract disputes with agency, obtaining more than $7.5M for clients. To accomplish this, I prepared and filed the contract claims, litigated the claims appeal before the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals, and following successful pretrial motions, negotiated claims settlement with the agency.

Getting the Award

Prepared successful offer in response to solicitation. In these efforts, I defined and described requirements and the impact of those requirements on offer, worked with clients to create procedures that would meet requirements of solicitation, helped to prepare questions to the agency to further explain solicitation, and identified cost and pricing issues arising from wage determinations and compliance programs.

Keeping the Contract

Following awards, I oversaw contract performance and compliance. This involved my creating and maintaining compliance and reporting programs, including the direction of data management and collection to meet the varied reporting requirements of the contracts. I advised clients of anticipated changes in regulatory requirements and developed and implemented strategies to efficiently meet and prove regulatory compliance. I regularly met with agency personnel to address contract issues and improve performance and served as the primary requirements and compliance resource to my clients.

Staying in Business

I also served as in-house counsel for clients by addressing internal operational issues such as staff training for contract and regulatory controls, subcontractor agreement, performance, reporting, compliance, liability and indemnification management. I worked with local jurisdictions to resolve unusual inventory property issues, organized and implemented claims management systems and procedures and served as primary point of contact for my clients’ liability carrier.