Your Questions, my answers

Are you the right lawyer for me, this time?

That depends on why you’re looking for a lawyer. With nearly 30 years of experience, I’ve seen many things. If it concerns real estate, federal contracting, your business or an election matter, we should talk. For a lot of other situations, I’m not the right lawyer for you. In those cases, I’ll help you find someone who is.

Who will mostly be working on my case?

If you hire me as your lawyer, I will be the person doing the work. The only possible exception is if your case requires an additional specialist. In that case we will always discuss it first.

What will happen if I call your office or email you?

I’m very happy to talk to potential new clients. If you contact me, we’ll sort out what type of help you need, if I can help you or if we need to find someone else that can help you.

If we decide to work together, we’ll discuss the services I’ll provide, the fees involved, and enter an agreement. Then we’ll get to work.

How do you tend to handle your cases?

I help you identify reasonable and realistic paths to your goals and to avoid as many potential problems along the way as we can.

Can I afford you?

Based on my experience and knowledge, my clients believe my fees are very reasonable. I am very open with clients about fees and often negotiate structured fee arrangements. Being surprised when you receive my bills doesn’t help either of us. We’ll discuss expectations and if it looks like that’s not where you matter is headed, we’ll discuss it before it becomes an issue and decide what to do about our expectations. Because I’m a sole practitioner, I’m more flexible than many other attorneys with my experience.

What if I just need a quick phone call and don’t want to commit to a meeting?

That works. Call.

I’m sure you’ve got more questions. Contact me.