Successful isn’t a permanent state.

The increasing velocity of change means that what worked before isn’t certain to work now. You’ve got to be nimble and able to tack at any moment.

And, you have to be prepared for your competitors, the thickening fog of government regulation, and even employees that sometimes seem to be on a different course.

I help you to move through these obstacles. My clients engage me to:
– Create and organize their business entities;
– Plan, negotiate and document agreements;
– Obtain, service and when necessary, litigate federal government contracts;
– Acquire, develop and sell or lease property, in commercial, residential and affordable housing situations;
– Resolve the inevitable problems along the way; and
– Help them stay successful.

You deserve great service.

Clients deserve great service. I work hard to provide it. I will listen to you to understand your goals and your business, as well as the way you work. I am available to you in many ways: in person, by phone, by email and across a range of technologies. I’m happy travel to your offices if that’s convenient. Any way we can communicate clearly will work.

After nearly 30 years, I still love being a lawyer.

I do my best work when I’m engaged as a part of the crew for my clients, helping them to grow, identifying risks, protecting them from legal peril, and contributing to their success.

I work with clients that range from multi-million dollar companies to my favorite electrician and his truck. I’m always looking for a few more people to work with. If that’s you, let’s talk.